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Asset Purchase Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT (the “Agreement) is made as of the            day of                 , 20      , by and between                                                                      , a         (entity type, if applicable, and state of incorporation/registration/formation, i.e., a Delaware corporation))                          (the “Purchaser”), and                                                                                    , a                   (entity type, if applicable, and state of incorporation/ registration/formation)                        (the “Seller,” and… Read More »

FREE Assignment Form

ASSIGNMENT THIS ASSIGNMENT made this __ day of ________, 20_____, by and between _____________________(“Assignor”), and _______ ____________________(“Assignee”): WITNESSETH, that for valuable consideration in hand paid by the Assignee to the Assignor, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,the Assignor hereby assigns and transfers to the Assignee all of his right, title and interest in and to all ______________________________________[description] set… Read More »

Assignment of Contract Document

This Assignment of Contract (the “Assignment”) is made and entered on _____________________________________________, ___________, by and between _________________________________________ (“Assignor”) and _______________________________________ (“Assignee”) (collectively referred to as the “Parties”).  Assignor is a party in the ______________________agreement dated _________________ between the Assignor and ___________________________ (“Other Party”) for a term ending on ______________, 20___  (the “Master Contract”). The Parties agree as follows:… Read More »

FREE Assignment of Deed of Trust

ASSIGNMENT OF DEED OF TRUST FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby grants, assigns and transfers to __________________________________________ all beneficial interest under that certain Deed of Trust dated _____________, executed by __________________________ ___________________________________________________Trustor, to_________________________________________________Trustee, and recorded as Instrument No._____on _____________________ in book___________page_________, of Official Records in the County Recorder’s office of ________________________County, _______________(State), describing land therein as: TOGETHER with… Read More »

FREE Assignment of Trademark

ASSIGNMENT OF TRADEMARK This agreement entered this [day] of [month], [year] between [name of assignor] , of [address], City of [city] State of [state] , herein referred to as “Assignor”, and [name of assignee] of [address], City of [city], State of [state] , herein referred to as “Assignee”. That Assignor has adopted and is using a mark registered… Read More »

Assignment of Invention to Employer Document

This Agreement is made as of ____ between _________________ of ____________________ (the “Employer”) and _____________________________ of ____________________________ (the “Employee”). WHEREAS, the Employee and the Employer have entered into or are about to enter into an employment relationship for their mutual benefit; AND, WHEREAS, as a condition of entering into and/or continuing such employment relationship, the Employer has required… Read More »

FREE Assignment of Lease Form

ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE ________________________________ and ______________________ __________________________, Lessees of that certain lease dated_____________________, by and between ________________ Lessor and ______________________,Lessee, and pertaining to that certain_______________________________________________ do hereby assign their right, title and interest in and to said lease to _____________, whose address shall henceforth be __________________________. It is agreed and understood that this assignment is contingent upon satisfactory… Read More »

FREE Assignment of Lien

ASSIGNMENT OF LIEN This assignment is made on [date] by [name of lienholder] , of [address] , City of [city] , County of [county] , State of [state] , herein referred to as “Assignor”, to [name of assignee] , of [address] , City of [city] , County of [county] , State of [state], herein referred to as “Assignee”.… Read More »

Authorization to Disclose Health Information

Patient Name: ______________________ Health Record Number: _______________ Date of Birth: ______________________ S.S. No.: ___________________________ 1.         I authorize the use or disclosure of the above named individual’s health information as described below: 2.         The following individual or organization is authorized to make the disclosure: Name: __________________________         Address:  _________________________________ 3.         The type and amount of information to be used or… Read More »

FREE Authorization to Negotiate Form

TO: ______________________ This letter will authorize you to negotiate, discuss and in any other way communicate with_______________in those areas relative to________________________________________________ This letter will further authorize ___________to act in all matters on behalf of ______________________________________ The intent of this authorization is not to be construed to limit, in any way, the power of ______________to act in our behalf,… Read More »