FREE Release of Lien

By | November 11, 2011


On    [date]   , [name of lienholder], of   [address]     ,
City of          , State of           , entered into an
agreement with [name of person], of   [address]    , City
of               , State of          to [subject of lien]
at the property of [property owner], of  [address]       ,
which property is described as follows:

On   [date]  , [lienholder] caused a lien to be recorded
against the property described herein in the office of
         , of the County of          , State of          .
Said lien was duly recorded in Volume   , page  , of      .

In consideration of     [amount]               Dollars,
($      ), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,
[lienholder] releases the above described property and its
owner, [name of owner]   from any and all liability arising
from the services performed by [lienholder] under the terms
terms and conditions of the herein referenced contract, and
does hereby authorize and direct that the above mentioned
lien be discharged of record.

Dated:_________________             ________________________