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FREE Absentee Record is High

(your street city, state, zip) (date) (name street city, state, zip) Dear _____ (name): Your work has been excellent. However, your absentee record is now overshadowing your work record. I realize that your health has been poor but one of our job requirements is regular attendance. We have difficulty scheduling when we cannot depend on your attendance. We… Read More »

FREE Acknowledge Accident Letter

(street city, state, zip) (date) (name street city, state, zip) Dear ____ (name): Thank you so much for your letter explaining the incident on ____ (what i.e. bus) _____ (time period). It is only when people take the time to let us know about occasional slip-ups that we can rectify problems and continue to serve the community with… Read More »

FREE Acknowledge Your Order

Dear _____ (name): With thanks we acknowledge your check and order dated _______, l9 __, (date) for ______ (items) described in our letter to you of _______, l9 __ (date). Unfortunately, the demand for the ____ (item) has been so great that we have no more on hand. Despite the fact that we have reordered this, these ____… Read More »

FREE Bad Credit Letter

Dear ____ (name): As requested, we are replying to your recent letter of querie regarding ________ (name) as a credit risk. In all fairness to you, we regret that we cannot recommend this firm. Despite the fact that we granted generous credit privileges for ____ (time period), they did not meet their agreed upon obligations and were lax… Read More »

FREE Bank Depositor Letter

(your street city, state, zip) (date) Dear ____ (name): As a _________ (name of bank) depositor, you are very important to us. Therefore, we are concerned when we see that you have not used your account for some time. Up to this time, we could only measure your satisfaction by the use of your account. Now, however, you… Read More »

FREE Behavior Apology Letter

(your street city, state, zip) (date) (name street city, state, zip) Dear _____ (name): My behavior at your ____ (place) following our recent ______ (what kind of) meeting was deplorable. I can assure you that it will not happen again. I was wrong. I have no excuses. I am very sorry. Respectfully, (name) (title)

FREE Billing Error Letter

(your street city, state, zip) (date) (name street city, state, zip) Dear ____ (name): The error in your ____ (month) showing a change of ____ (price) for a shipment of ____ (item) was due to a billing error. We are sorry for the inconvenience. A credit memo to cancel the billing is enclosed. Sincerely, (name) (title)

FREE Billing Mistake Letter

Dear ____ (name): This letter is to inform you that recently there have been many mistakes in our billing. Can this situation be rectified? I am sure that you would agree that if a little more time, care and effort was made towards accuracy on the part of your accounting department, we would mutually benefit. Sincerely, (name) (title)

FREE Bounce Check Letter

Dear ____ (name): This letter is to inform you that the check number ___ (number) dated _______, l9__ (date) drawn to me in the amount of _____ (amount) has been returned from the bank with the notation “No Funds.” We all make mistakes when it comes to bank accounts. And since this is Christmas season, I am sure… Read More »

FREE Cancel Order Letter

Dear Sir or Madam: This certified letter is to cancel the order I placed ____ (any time within three days) with one of your door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen. He was extremely pushy and I acted impulsively. After he left, I regretted my action. Luckily, a friend pointed out the law stating that there is a three-day “cooling off” period… Read More »