FREE Notice of Claim of Lien

By | November 11, 2011

After Recording, mail to:

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                     NOTICE OF CLAIM OF LIEN

     The undersigned claimant hereby claims a mechanic`s
lien under section_______of the Civil Code of the State of
_________ and hereby declares the following:

     1.  That a statement of claimant`s demand, after
deducting all just credits and offsets, in the sum of
$        .

     2.  That the name of the owner[s], or reputed owner[s]
of the property is [are]:

     3.  A general statement of the kind of work done or
materials furnished by claimant, or both is:

     4.  That the name[s] of the person[s] by whom claimant
was employed or to whom claimant furnished the materials is

     5.  A description of the property sought to be charged
with the lien is:  [enter full legal description here].

DATED:  ________________

                                    [Signature of Claimant]