FREE Renewal Certificate of Transaction of Business

By | November 11, 2011
Renewal Certificate of Transaction of Business Under
               Fictitious Name - General Form

     The undersigned_____________________, [Individual or
Partnership or Corporation], hereby certifies:

     1.  That a Certificate of Transaction of Business in
the State of __________________under a ficitious name was
heretofore filed with the county clerk of ________________
County, State of______________, on ______[date]______, on
behalf of the undersigned.

     2. That the undersigned is transacting business in the
State of __________ under the fictitious name of ________.

     3. That the full name and place of residence of each
of the undersigned is as follows:_________________________


     3. That the principal place of business of said
corporation is located at  ____________________in the City
of__________________,County of __________________,State of
___________________.   That this certificate is executed
and filed as a renewal certificate (as allowed under
Section ______of the Civil Code, and that there has been
 _______________[no change or a change] in the information
required in the original certificate.

Dated:______________            _________________________