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FREE Commercial Lease Agreement

THIS COMMERCIAL LEASE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), made and entered into on this____________ day of _______________, 20 _____ by and between ______________________________ of _______________________________________ _______________________ (“Lessor”) and __________________________ of _______________________________________________________________ (“Lessee”) collectively referred to as “the parties”.

FREE Mobile Home Bill of Sale

BE IT KNOWN, that for payment in the sum of _____________________________________ Dollars ($___________), the full receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the undersigned _______________________ of _____________________________________________ (“Seller”) hereby sells and transfers

Free Promissory Note on Demand

For value received, I ___________________________ of ________ _________________________________________(“Undersigned”) hereby promise to pay to the order of __________________________ (“Lender”), the sum of $________________ (“Principal”), together with interest at the rate of ______ % per annum.

Free Quit Claim Deed

I, ___________________________ of ____________________________________________ (the “Grantor”), for and in consideration of $___________________________ hereby convey and quit claim to ____________________________ of ____________________________________ (the “Grantee”), the following described real estate: