FREE Complaint About Bad Advice on Pricing Your Property

By | November 9, 2011

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August 19, 2009
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Dear [Name of Recipient]:

I am writing to let you know of the very unsatisfactory service my wife and I have received from one of your agents, [Name of Agent] and to ask you to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

When we met with you in your office two months ago, we mentioned that we had chosen you to be our broker for the sale of our home because my boss, [Name of Person], said you were not only his friend, but the best real estate broker in town. You said that you were too busy at the time to help us personally, and assigned [Name of Agent] to work with us.

It turns out that [Name of Agent] is apparently quite inexperienced, and he almost cost us a bundle. We were in the last stage of finalizing a sale that he had arranged, when we learned — from various good friends and other sources who stepped in to advise us — that our house was severely underpriced, due to the bad advice given us by [Name of Agent]. We were fortunate that the deal had not been finalized and were able to cancel the sale as of yesterday.

Having lost a good deal of time, we need to act quickly to get the house on the market at a realistic price. We feel that it is your responsibility to see that this is done properly, and we wish to meet with you immediately to discuss the matter in detail. Please call us at the phone number listed on this letterhead to arrange a meeting.


[Your Name]