FREE Bank Depositor Letter

By | November 14, 2011
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Dear ____ (name):

As a _________ (name of bank) depositor, you are very       
important to us.  Therefore, we are concerned when we see that
you have not used your account for some time.  

Up to this time, we could only measure your satisfaction
by the use of your account.  Now, however, you can take advantage
of this easy-to-answer letter and tell us if you are taking
advantage of the bank's many other facilities or anything else
you would like to say!

Have we lived up to the standards that you had expected?

Have we served you adequately?

Maybe you haven't used your account because you have
moved or because you have misplaced your passbook.  (We will
gladly issue you a new one!)  Whatever the reason, please tell
us on the confidential form above.  Postage is not needed and
you do not have to sign your name.  Your input is always welcome.