FREE Cannot Recommend this Person

By | November 11, 2011
Dear _____ (name):

I find it rather difficult to answer your letter about
_____ (name).  I like him personally but in fairness I cannot       
recommend him to you.

Without a doubt ________ (name) is a talented young man.
He was (position held) with us for ____ (period of time) and
he certainly knows his business and can do a fine job when he
wants to.

But that's where his difficulty arrives - he does not
always want to.  Instead, he starts to drink and then he becomes
very undependable.  He will literally walk out of the job for
a period of ____ (time period) and let somebody else take over.
In fact, that is why he is no longer employed with us.

These facts really distress me because ____ (name of person)
is very talented and has great ability.  In fact, he would probably
be one of the best _____ (name of position) if he did not drink.

Perhaps if you discussed the situation with him and told him
that he would be fired if he drank, that might make a difference.   
I think this would be a worthwhile approach because he has so much
to offer.

If I can answer any other questions, please do not hesitate
to contact me.