FREE Information About Individual Financing

By | November 11, 2011
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Dear ____ (name):

I am sure that you have heard about Individual Financing.
This is our service that has been invented for individuals with
an above average income and credit standing.  I just thought that
you might be interested in hearing a little more about it.

With Individual Financing, you have independent control in
handing your own long-term credit needs.  And if your annual net
income is $____ (amount) or better and you qualify in other respects,
you will be given a credit line between $______ (amount) and $_____
(amount).  Then you can use it for family, personal, or household
purchases just by writing a special check of $____ (amount) or

Individual Financing can give you the flexibility you
want through the following benefits:

	l.  No charge until you use it.
	2.  You have the option of paying more than the minimum
            payment which would reduce the amount of future
            financial charges.
        3.  No collateral is required.
        4.  No prepayment penalties.
        5.  No bank visits needed each time you need a loan.
        6.  Credit life insurance of up to ______ (amount)
            is available.

Please take the time to complete and sign the enclosed             
application and financial statement.  This information will be
handled in confidence.  You are under no obligation.  As soon
as we receive your application, either a loan officer or I will
call you.