FREE Note Secured by Deed of Trust

By | November 11, 2011


                         (STRAIGHT NOTE)

$_____________   ________[city and state]______  __[date]___
_________________________________________________after date
for value received I promise to pay to _____________________
____________________________________________________or order,
at _________________________________________________________
payable___________________ or sooner, secured by Assignment
of Deed of Trust on the following described land:

                  (Legal Description)

Should default be made in payment of principal or interest,
the whole sum of principal and interest shall, at the option
of the holder of this note, become immediately due.
Principal and interest payable in lawful money of the United
States.  If action is instituted on this note, the
undersigned promises to pay such sum as the Court may adjudge
as attorney's fees.  This note is secured by a Deed of Trust
to ______________________.

____________________              __________________________

_____________________              __________________________