Information About Lease Agreement Forms

By | February 13, 2012

Leasing Agreements, also referred to as Rental Agreements,  are an agreement between the owner of a property (the Lessor or Landlord) and the person who will be living there (the Lessee or Tenant).  Lease Agreement Forms serve as a written contract that details the terms under which the Landlord will allow the Tenant to live in the residency.  It is best to download a Rental Contract for your particular type of residency, and thus you can find House Lease Agreements, Apartment Lease Agreements, and even Room Lease Agreements to use when renting out a room in the house where you still reside. The document will include such details as how much the cost of rent will be, by what date the rent will be paid, the amount of the security deposit if any, who is responsible to pay for utilities, where the Tenant is allowed to park, if pets are allowed in the residency, and what amenities are included.  The Rental Agreement should also include the responsibilities of both the Landlord and the Tenant for maintenance performed on the residency.  The Lease Agreement form will state a duration of time for which it is valid.  Most leases are a year long, but 6 month leases, 9 month leases, and 10 month leases, as well as month-to-month leases are also common.  For situations in which the Landlord or Tenant may wish to change the rental contract on short-notice, a Month-to-Month Lease is the most practical option.  In addition to the Lease Agreement form itself, you may also wish to download other leasing forms such as a Notice to Quit form, a Residential Lease with an Option to Purchase form, a Rental Application forms, and an Move-In Move-Out Inspection Checklist form.

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