Information About Quitclaim Deed Forms

By | February 13, 2012

A Quitclaim Deed form is commonly used when an individual who has some interest in a property wishes to transfer their interest to another. The person who releases their interest is called the Grantor, and the person who the interest is transferred to is called the Grantee.  It should be noted that just because a Quitclaim Deed has been signed, it doesn’t mean that the Grantor actually has an interest in the property.  It simply means that an interest or ownership the Grantor has, if any, is now transferred to the Grantee.  This type of Deed is commonly used between members of a family so that ownership of a family property can be clearly held by one individual.  Quitclaim Deeds are also frequently used in divorces when the spouse moving out of a home wishes to transfer their interest in the house to their spouse continuing to live in it.

To download a quitclaim deed for your state, CLICK HERE.