Information About Release and Waiver of Lien Forms

By | February 13, 2012

The Release of Mechanic’s Lien form states that there is no longer any existing lien placed on a property for work performed by a contractor or mechanic.  A Mechanic’s Lien or Contractor’s Lien is usually placed on a property when the owner of the property has not paid in full the agreed upon price of the work performed by the mechanic or contractor. Even if a lien was not originally placed on a car or home, the contractor or mechanic can issue a Waiver & Release upon Final Payment or Progress of Payment.  This agreement would state that the person who had worked performed is being released of any possible claims by the contractor or mechanic upon making the full payment or upon making a specified partial payment that shows progress toward the full payment.  These types of Release and Waiver Agreements maybe conditional providing that certain other obligations are also met in addition to the full payment or progress payment.

To download a mechanic’s lien release, CLICK HERE.

To download conditional and unconditional waivers and releases, CLICK HERE.