FREE Credit Extension to Past Due Customer with Preferred Status

By | November 9, 2011

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May 19, 2009
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Re: [Account No. ____]

Dear [Name of Recipient]:

It has come to my attention that your account is past due in the amount of [$_____]. Since you are one of “Preferred Customers,” I have asked the Accounting Department to delay sending out any past due notice, so that I can write to you directly about what might have occurred.

When the account of a person with such an excellent payment record as yours becomes past due, it is often the result of a minor clerical error on the part of the account holder. If, after you have checked your records thoroughly, you find that this is not the case, and that instead you may be having some unusual difficulty at this time, we would like to offer you an extension of time to pay. If you think this would be of help, please give me a call and I will order a hold on the account for a maximum of [____days] to give you time to get that balance of [$____] paid.

We appreciate your business and want to help; please do not hesitate to call me about this or any other matter regarding your account. You can reach me on my direct line: [Direct Line Phone No.].


[Your Name]