FREE Excuse Employee From Jury Duty Letter

By | November 9, 2011

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May 19, 2009
[Name of Recipient]
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Re: [Name of Your Employee]

Dear [Name of Recipient]:

I am the employer of the above-referenced individual, who has received notice that she must be available for jury duty commencing on [Date], and am writing to advise you that her absence from my business during the time period indicated would impose a serious hardship not only on my business, but on the people we serve, and on Ms. [Employee’s Last Name] herself.

We are a small company involved in providing essential services to the underprivileged population in the area. Because of earlier government budget cuts, Ms. [Employee’s Last Name] is currently our only office employee, and her understanding of the procedures is critical to the operation, especially at this time of the year, our busiest. There is no way we could hire an untrained replacement for the period she would be on leave; moreover, I do not have the budget to pay her during any such leave.

Frankly, without her help during this upcoming busy time of the year, I would be in danger of losing my business – my only source of income.

Moreover, Ms. [Name] has written me a note advising me that she cannot afford to take leave for jury duty. With her permission, I am enclosing a copy for your attention.


[Your Name]