FREE New Store Has Opened Letter

By | November 11, 2011
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city, state, zip)


city, state, zip)

Dear ___ (name):

	____ (name of store) has opened a wonderful new store
in _____ (name of county) at ______ (address).  _____ (name of
store) has been satisfying home furnishing needs since ____
(year).  Our experience has shown us that when you shop, you
want selection, quality, avilability, and value.  ____ (name
of company) can offer you all this and more!

We have expanded our furnishings of over ____ (number
of rooms) room groupings to include ______ (name of grouping).
This collection features ______, ____, ____ (name of few brands)
as well as many other famous name brands that complete our _____
(amount of money) inventory.

As an introductory offer to our new _____(location) store,
we're offering you a ___(number of discount) discount on ALL
regularly priced merchandise.  We also have a "get-acquainted" gift
for you.  It is ______ (what the gift is) which is absolutely FREE
with any purchase of ______ (amount of money) or more.  You have a
choice of ____ (number of your choice) to select from.

To make shopping even more of a convenience, ____ (name of
store) invites you to open _____ (type of charge) account today.  With   
this card you can charge your purchases and not have to be concerned 
about a down payment or tying up your other charge cards.  And your
credit card will be welcomed at any of our ____ (number of stores) other 
stores across the United States.

All you have to do is complete the coupon below and return it in
the postpaid envelope that is enclosed for your convenience.  Why not
do it today!