Information About Bill of Sale Forms

By | February 13, 2012

A Bill of Sale form should be used as a written record for the sale of personal property.  The Bill of Sale should state any important details of the transaction such as the sale price of the item, that the amount has been received, and whether there is a warranty on the product or if the sale is for the product “as-is”.  For an Automobile Bill of Sale or Motorcycle Bill of Sale, an odometer disclosure form will also be included.  You can always download a General Bill of Sale form and use it for multiple products, but to ensure that your Bill of Sale will hold up if a legal situation arises, it may be best to get a Bill of Sale form designed for your particular item.  You can find attorney-prepared versions of Automobile Bill of Sale forms with a warranty or “as-is”, Mobile Home Bill of Sale forms, or specific Bill of Sale forms for pets such as a Bird Bill of Sale form, Cat Bill of Sale form, Dog Bill of Sale form, or a Horse Bill of Sale form for just a couple of dollars.  Remember, the seller should sign the Bill of Sale document and keep a photocopy, and the buyer should keep the original as proof that the item has been paid for.

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