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Information About Accounting Forms

For those of us who aren’t good with numbers, the word “accounting” suggests a chore as cumbersome as doing laundry – except its impact on our personal and professional lives is far wider. This presents a problem for people who hate numbers but want to make sure the numbers in their lives add up. Standing on better financial… Read More »

Information About Affidavit Forms

An Affidavit form is a legal document that an individual can use to make a declaration under oath without swearing an oath in a court room.  The signed Affidavit can be used in court proceedings to verify that certain information or facts that are stated in the Affidavit are true.  This legal document is also known as a… Read More »

Information About Bankruptcy Forms

Filing bankruptcy can be a major life decision that will have an impact on your finances, perhaps, for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the bankruptcy forms necessary to handle your filings with a solid foundation of legality without paying too much money to a lawyer or tax accountant… Read More »

Information About Bill of Sale Forms

A Bill of Sale form should be used as a written record for the sale of personal property.  The Bill of Sale should state any important details of the transaction such as the sale price of the item, that the amount has been received, and whether there is a warranty on the product or if the sale is… Read More »

Information About Commercial Leasing Documents

A commercial lease will be one of the most important documents you sign when forming a business. After all, leasing an office will be one of your chief expenses as a business. And if you’re looking into renting out property for commercial leasing purposes, you’ll want to make sure that these documents give you an ironclad agreement so… Read More »

Information About Contracts

Doing business in today’s world will require that you work with other people for mutual benefit and gain. It’s the bad apples who try to use other people as stepping stones to personal gains that can make this a difficult environment to navigate. But through the downloading and signing of contracts and other legal documents, you can protect… Read More »

Information About Divorce Documents

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing, which is why it’s so important to make the process as painless on yourself as possible. One of the ways to do this is to gain a familiarity with the legal documents and forms that go into a divorce filing and agreement so that you know where you stand… Read More »

Information About Homestead Declarations

These days, it’s apparent that a lot of people are worried about losing their homes. But so few people use the proper legal documentation to ensure that they’re as protected as can be that we find it gives new meaning to the phrase “knowledge is power.” There’s more to protecting your own home legally than simply living in… Read More »

Information About Lease Agreement Forms

Leasing Agreements, also referred to as Rental Agreements,  are an agreement between the owner of a property (the Lessor or Landlord) and the person who will be living there (the Lessee or Tenant).  Lease Agreement Forms serve as a written contract that details the terms under which the Landlord will allow the Tenant to live in the residency.… Read More »

Information About Living Trusts

Establishing a living trust is one of the most important ways for you to protect your assets and pass them on to the people you want to receive them after your death. Because of this, living trust forms are some of the most important forms you’ll ever sign, and a crucial tool in your abilities to potentially legally… Read More »