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Information About Postnuptial Agreements

When you talk about agreements regarding marriage or divorce, most people assume you’re talking about the ever-popular prenuptial or premarital agreement. But postnuptial agreements can have a big impact on your life, as well, which is why it will be so important to understand exactly what goes into making these documents unique from other marital and divorce documents.… Read More »

Information About Power of Attorney Forms

A Power of Attorney form is a legal document that allows one person to give another individual the legal authority to act on their behalf.  The individual who signs the Power of Attorney document is called the Principle or Grantor, and the person who is given the authority to act on the Principle’s behalf is called the Agent… Read More »

Information About Purchase Agreements

Imagine this scenario: your start-up company has made a big sale and you hold a small party to celebrate. Suddenly, the business you made the sale to backs off of their purchase and cites the lack of a purchase agreement as a way to get out of the deal. Maybe, they simply find a way to get out… Read More »

Information About Promissory Note Forms

A Promissory Note form is a legal document which states that one person agrees to pay money to another person over some period of time.  Promissory Note forms are often used when one person loans money to a second person, and wants a written document the states the repayment terms.  Both parties must sign the Promissory Note to… Read More »

Information About Quitclaim Deed Forms

A Quitclaim Deed form is commonly used when an individual who has some interest in a property wishes to transfer their interest to another. The person who releases their interest is called the Grantor, and the person who the interest is transferred to is called the Grantee.  It should be noted that just because a Quitclaim Deed has… Read More »

Information About Real Estate Sale and Purchase Documents

Selling your own real estate in this day and age certainly has its advantages. For one, you don’t have to pay a real estate agent if you’re selling your own home directly to another party. But there are a few disadvantages as well – for example, you’ll have to have a solid understanding of what it means to… Read More »

Information About Release and Waiver of Lien Forms

The Release of Mechanic’s Lien form states that there is no longer any existing lien placed on a property for work performed by a contractor or mechanic.  A Mechanic’s Lien or Contractor’s Lien is usually placed on a property when the owner of the property has not paid in full the agreed upon price of the work performed… Read More »

Information About Release Forms

A Release Agreement Form allows one party to make a legally official promise not to proceed with a legal claim against a second party, in exchange for some form of compensation, usually a monetary payout.  Often times when there is an accident that results in personal injury, the injured party will seek compensation from the person who caused… Read More »

Information About Service Agreements

One of the goals of any well-written contract is to put an agreement in writing. But it’s also important that that writing accomplish something else: clearly defining an agreement between two parties so that the expectations of both sides are properly managed and established. Enter service agreements. These documents can have wide-reaching uses. But they’re often used in… Read More »