Information About Release Forms

By | February 13, 2012

A Release Agreement Form allows one party to make a legally official promise not to proceed with a legal claim against a second party, in exchange for some form of compensation, usually a monetary payout.  Often times when there is an accident that results in personal injury, the injured party will seek compensation from the person who caused them the injury.  These personal injury claims often lead to a trial in the court system, but if both parties wish to avoid the court system, they can agree on a settlement for the personal injury.  This settlement should be documenting in writing with a Release of Accident Claims Agreement that states the terms under which a settlement is agreed upon, and should be signed by both parties involved in the personal injury.  You can also download a General Release Form which is the standard and most common Liability Release, or a Full & Final Release which release one party from all past and present claims of another party.  There can also be release forms such as Activity Releases when the signor is legally accepting full responsibility for any personal injury that may occur while performing an activity that is being provided by another party.  The signed Activity Release form states that the provider will not endure any costs of a personal injury endured by the participant. This is similar to a Waiver and Assumption of Risk form which can be used in any situation where a business wishes to protect itself against any possible future claim of another party.

To download release forms, CLICK HERE.