FREE Renter’s Notice of Intent to Vacate

By | November 10, 2011

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May 19, 2009
[Name of Recipient]
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Dear [Name of Recipient]:

Re: [Address of Property]

In accordance with our [lease or rental agreement], I am writing to give you advance notice that I intend to move out of the apartment on [Date of move-out]. Actually, the rental agreement provides for a minimum 30-day notice, and I am notifying you when there are still 45 days left till I move out, so I have pro-rated the amount of rent I will owe, and according to my calculations, I will owe [$_ ] and will send that amount to you by [Date] as my final payment.

I understand that you will want to have access to the apartment in order to be able to show it to prospective tenants, and I will be happy to cooperate with you in this — if you give me adequate advance notice of any visit, as provided for in the rental agreement.

I will contact you again to give you more details about my move, such as my new forwarding address, etc.


[Your Name]