FREE Complaint for Overcharge for Hotel Stay

By | November 9, 2011

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May 19, 2009
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Dear [Name of Recipient]:

I am writing to you about an error in the bill I paid for my 2-night stay at your [Name of Hotel] in[Name of City] on [Dates of Stay].

[Here, explain why you believe you were overcharged, i.e.: When I made the reservation for this room by phone, I specifically asked the Reservations clerk whether the special rate I had seen advertised in the media would apply on the dates of my stay. After putting me on hold, she was gone for a few minutes, presumably checking with her supervisor. When she returned she told me that the reduced rate would indeed apply, and gave me my confirmation number, which was [Confirmation No.].

However, on the morning of my departure as I was checking out, I noticed that my bill for the 2 nights had been calculated at the regular room rate. When I mentioned to the desk staff person that I was supposed to get the special, he said that my reservation had been made by phone – that I had called the 800 number and had actually been talking to your central reservations office at your headquarters in New York. He also told me there was no local staff on duty at the moment who could deal with correcting any error, and since I had a flight to catch, I paid the amount billed.

I enclose a copy of my receipt and a copy of the advertisement showing the special rate, and request you send a check for the amount I was overcharged to the address on this letterhead.


[Your Name]